I don't know if I ever mention KIKO in my blog aside from a mini haul post I wrote a few months ago, so I figured I should introduce my readers to this great Italian makeup brand.
    I'm always on the look for new products and brands and this one caught my eye from the minute I walked in the store. The first thing I tried were the nail polishes and since then I bought a lot of them! The price range is the same as any drugstore brand with the perks of having there own store and you can try all the products right there!

To know which shades of nail polishes I own, just keep reading.

AX Paris - Win 500£ worth of New Wardrobe

Hii everyone! 
      I have been a little absent from here so I have a lot to catch up but first let me tell about where I have been for the past few days.
     Around this time of the year, a lot of festivals tend to happen in Lisbon and I had the pleasure to be invited to collaborate with one in special, called FESTin (it's a film festival) - Festival de Cinema Itinerante da Língua Portuguesa - where every Portuguese speaking country can participate. That's why I have been a little m.i.a from here. 
     I worked the whole day so I didn't really had the time to sit and write something for you but now I'm back again!
     Now onto the real reason why I'm writing this post! 
   I've found another online store (yap, my wallet it's not going to like it) and I had to share it with you! The store is called AX Paris and what made me fall in love with this particular store was their Spring/Summer Collection!



    When I think about perfumes the think that pops up in my mind is the word Memories. I always catch myself saying things like "You smell like someone I know, or I was wearing this that time we went somewhere" and that's how powerful a fragrance can be. It can take you places and remind you of people and it's also something quiet personal!
    During the cold months I always gravitate to sweat and warm scents and when that time of the year comes again I'll show you my fall/winter collection but since Spring is just around the corner I though of showing you my current favorites. 


(trying not to get hit by a car!)


    Last week I decided to shoot another outfit of the day and for my surprise the sun was out and quiet hot may I say. 
   After a few shots I was ready to loose the tights and the boots and swap them for a pair of sneakers! It felt like a one of those hot spring days and I can't wait for more to come, because honestly I'm (and I believe I speak for a lot of people) a little tired of the small days and grey skies all the time! 


I have been switching up my routine a lot since I started straightening my hair which is once every two days every time I wash my hair. As you can imagine my hair started to look a bit dry special at the ends so I have been trying a lot of different products to keep my hair healthy and shiny and I think I found some success in these products. 
Along side with these I also did a 6 week mask treatment! You can read all about it, just keep reading! 

The Liebster Award

Hi everyone! 
A few weeks ago I got nominated by two beauty bloggers, Anna and Daniela, to do the Liebster Award tag. 
For those of you who don't know what the Liebster Award is, I'm going to explain it next, but first I wanted to take the opportunity to say a few words.
Since I started the blog I did not expected the positive response that every single one of you send me through your coments or emails and for that I wanted to THANK YOU.
I created the blog as creative outlet, a hobby and I had no idea I would enjoy doing it as much as I have so far and I can't wait to see what the future brings.

  There are a few things that annoy me alot about the blogging comunity but since this is a positive post I'm not going to touch that subject and ruine it! 

As for the Liebster Award, it was created for "promoting" new bloggers with less than 200 followers. The blogger that tag them, writes 11 questions for them. After you answered your questions you then nominate 11 bloggers and write 11 questions for them to answer on their blog. Sounds like the perfect way to get to know your favorite bloggers and also to let people know about smaller bloggers. 

If you want to read the questions that were given to me, just keep reading!


Birthday Tag

My birthday is coming soon, Tuesday de 18th to be more exact and while going through some blogs I found several Birthday Tags and since then I thought it would be cool to do it on the blog. 
I chose the best questions to answer from all the birthday tags I found and the result is what you can read next!
I love reading tag posts and I really enjoyed doing the Sweater Weather Tag  so  it seems the perfect time to do a tag about Birthdays! 
I tag every single one of you, who wants to do it and if you do decide to do it, leave the link below so I can go read it on your blog :) 

Vogue & Firmoo Glasses

Today's post it's a little different from what I'm used to so I hope I'll succeed.
I talked about them on my January Favorites post and told you to expect a review, so here it is!
A few weeks ago, a company named Firmoo reach out to me via email and asked me if I wanted to review their products.
Since I decided to say YES more this year, I thought why not so I went through the whole site and found some beautiful glasses. The hard part was having to choose just one!

After a long day of going through the site and see what's on it I finally found the Ones I liked and I applied via 4sponsor to receive them.

January Favorites 2014 + New Layout

Hii Guys! 
I know it's already February but I had a problem with my editing program and I couldn't post this before! 
As you may see from the title, I'm going to talk about my January Favorites :) 
Since I had alot to write about I decided to make a video instead wich makes both of our lives a little easier if it wasn't for the editing set back. 
I'm glad we live in the era of Google and we are a click away to solve our little problems because otherwise I don't know how I would fix the dam problem!

I also re-did my blog layout and I'm really happy with the final result :) 

Now what really matters, here's my favorites video :) 

All the products are listed below!

January's Blogs

Hii guyys!

Here I am again to show my favorite blogs of the month of January! 

I believe you may know them, they are very popular but either way I had to share them with youu :)